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The BIRTH of my NEW CUE!!!

Ok, as some of you know, I am getting a new cue made by one of the ASP/RSB posters, Sheldon Lebow. Since he has a digital camera, I asked if he could keep me updated on the progress of my new baby. So, here we go. I figured it would be fun (for you and me) to see how the cue turns from nothing to something! This is not a site, but rather, a small page filled with pics. As the progress of the cue moves along, I will continue to add the pics Sheldon sends me. You are not enjoying this as much as I am!!

(NOTE: If you are a return visitor, then you will notice a difference - I made the pics smaller to take up less space, and so they will download faster.)

(ps- this is a REALLY bad design job on my part, but I just want something to throw pics on)

Here were the specs I gave Sheldon:

19.5 oz
3/8 Radial Pin
None. I want the cocobolo to really stand out. Besides, I dont need a flashy cue...I would have gotten a Budweiser for that. :o)
One Moori / One Instroke




08/01/00: Sheldon sent me these pics so that I can choose which piece of Cocobolo I prefer. While they are both VERY nice, I chose the lighter color piece. Check `em out:


08/03/00: The Beginning stages... :o)


08/04/00: Sheldon sent me 8 pics today. Ugh!!!! :) Anyway, check all the work out - it's getting closer to being done!

09/02/00: It has been a long while since the update, but there has been VAST progress. Word from Sheldon is that the cue is being sent out on MONDAY. :) YaY!!!


That's it for now! Stop back again and see how it's doing!

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